Refugees find chance to flourish in German workforce

The task is significant. Germany’s Federal Labour Office says it advised 322,000 asylum-seekers and refugees looking for work in July alone. Many struggle with the language and missing paperwork and others find they must re-train and embark on a new career.

For the determined, opportunities are there. Newcomers training with some of Germany’s top firms say landing a job means more than just a pay packet. Work means integration, acceptance, recognition and self-confidence.


Turkey blocks Syrian refugees from resettlement in the US – for having degrees

More than 1,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey have been blocked from resettlement in the US and other countries because they have university qualifications. The refugees were approved for resettlement by American officials, before being blocked – sometimes just days before their departure date – by the Turkish authorities.

These Refugee Artists Show The Real Risks On The Path To Europe

Mehbratu is a man on a mission. He is a refugee from Eritrea, and he knows that thousands of others like him dream about going to Europe. But he’s afraid they might not think through the risks of getting there.

Mebrahtu is a 45-year-old man on a mission.

So he’s painting what those risks look like. Mebrahtu started painting when he was young, because he saw his brother do it and he was impressed. Now, he tries to put those years of self-study to work to potentially save lives.

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